Avoid violating these 9 homeowners association rules that could cost you

When you’re on the hunt for a new place, you’ll notice that some homes are in a community with a homeowners association, or HOA. Some folks think of HOAs as over-reaching neighborhood patrols, while others believe the rules protect and enhance property values. “All of these communities — more than 350,000 nationally — share a few essential goals, says Dawn Bauman, senior vice president, government and public affairs for the Community Associations Institute (CAI). “(This includes) preserving the nature and character of the community, providing services and amenities to residents and protecting property values. All HOAs come with rules, though, and failure to follow them can result in unpleasant consequences. Just ask Atlanta homeowner Parker Singletary. Before Atlanta hosted the Super Bowl in February 2019, one of his neighbors mentioned that residents were allowed to rent their homes just for that weekend. See article at:  https://www.bankrate.com/real-estate/hoa-homeowners-association-rules/